Set the standards: becoming better than yesterday

Setting long-term goals it hard. There’s always someone one step ahead of us. It’s a constant sacrifice for the future, which will always lay within the unknown.

One important fact about your self-development and increasing your efficiency? It compounds. If you were to get 0.1% better every day? You would be 25% better within the year, and 100% better within four years.

And not only that, you would be continually getting improving on your improved self. Over several years, you can become much more effective by using the incremental improvement method.

It also keeps us in a positive loop. We are constantly looking at improving ourselves, which mean we at least won’t get any worse. Besides the fact we improve our mental health, as comparing yourself to others in an unhealthy way to live. To compare yourself to your previous self? It can be highly motivational.

Try these three steps to become better than your previous self, and continually improve upon your character.
Choose a skillset you want to improve

What is it you want to get better at?

Being specific in a skill that you want to improve upon is paramount to your success in change and self-development.
When we become specific about the skill set we want to increase, we can actively plan on how we can aim to become better at it.

Find a way to measure your effectiveness

The second point is one of the most important. What is effective?
Is it speed? Is it accuracy? Is it a performance level? Every job and every aspect of your life can be viewed differently, but finding a way to measure how effective you are at the specific task you want to improve at? It’s a must-have for anyone who is serious about improving their lives at this level.

Find faults in your ways of working and fix them

You will get better as time passes with anything that you do. Practice makes perfect, as they say.
However, if you are actively finding faults in the way you work and continually looking to fix them? You’re way more likely to find the major faults much quicker, saving you precious time in any endeavour and increasing the speed at which you increase your own efficiency.

If you are looking to become more effective within your career or business, give me a call to speak about ways we could work together to help you with your self-development regime.

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