Many factors can contribute to a gambling addiction, including desperation for money, the desire to experience thrills and highs, the social status associated with being a successful gambler, and the entertaining atmosphere of the mainstream gambling scene. Unfortunately, once a gambling addiction takes hold, breaking the cycle is difficult. Severe addictions can take hold when someone feels desperate financially and wants to make back what they have lost. Once the person finally wins, while they may end up collecting a massive amount of money from that win, it is rarely enough to cover what has already been lost. Most gamblers never even come close to breaking even.

How does it work?

Until recently, very little was known about how the brain can turn off the desire for addictions and how the subconscious mind can stop addictive urges. It is time to look at the science of how the brain works, how the subconscious mind controls our life and how to change it for good.

We know that the brain is constantly changing. The neuroplasticity of the brain allows focused treatment to create new neural connections. Without treatment the brain uses neural pathways to trigger emotions, needs, pleasure and cravings, which feed the addiction. Treatment changes those responses by rewiring of the neural pathways and the subconscious mind, thereby bringing an entirely different reaction.

Consequently, when exposed to any of the old triggers, the brain doesn’t automatically respond in the old way because it now responds in a stronger and healthier manner. The very thing that used to cause cravings and relapse, now actually reinforces the commitment to overcome the addictive behaviour.

Based on what we now know about the brain, the neuroplasticity and the biology of belief, you can begin to approach addiction and recovery from a new perspective. Using newly discovered and clinically accepted methodologies, the mind and behaviour modification techniques work to retrain and recondition at the core unconscious level. The brain is actually a supple, malleable organ, as ready to unlearn as it is to learn, capable of transforming vicious circles into virtuous circles of resetting and repairing its internal communications. Far more than once dreamed possible, the brain can, if not always, cure/heal itself.

Given recent research, breakthroughs and insight, it makes no sense that the most widely used method to treat addiction is over 70 years old. Would you go to heart doctor who uses 1950’s technology?

It is said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!

It makes no sense !

Neuro-Restructuring Techniques work! At Gambling Addiction Therapy Birmingham we have the correct tools and methods to stop the addictive patterns in the brain and the body. These tools and processes are proven, researched and powerful.

Given the correct tools, you can easily and effortlessly change the way the brain responds to the old gambling addiction triggers that cause addictive behaviours and actions.

There has never been a better time than NOW to treat your gambling addiction.

Why wait to reach rock bottom?

You don’t have to lose everything and everybody in pursuit of a false addictive behaviour……

ACT NOW – Take Back Control of your Life

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